Hotel Senacki Krakow

The Senacki is one of the newest hotels to have opened in Krakow, and it has arrived in a very attractive part of town. Based on the historic Royal Way, which was once the route of royal processions (and still the path of colourful religious pageants today) it has a rather marvelous location opposite the church of St. Peter and St. Paul. Lining the street in front of this splendid church, one finds some magnificent baroque sculptures of the twelve Apostles. Wonderfully lit up at night, they lend an enchanting air to this stretch of the Royal Way, as well a lovely view from the windows of the Senacki.

The hotel is just a minute's walk from the mythic Wawel Hill, the seat of the old Royal Castle and the Cathedral. The Old Town Square and the beautiful Jewish district of Kazimierz (which is today enjoying a complete renaissance) are also just a short walk away.

Senacki is based in an elegant building whose history stretches back some five hundred years. Extended throughout the ages, it was thoroughly renovated and restored in 2002, and it is now amongst the most pristine in Krakow. Here you'll find attractive, well-appointed rooms, with an understated art deco tone to many of the furnishings. Senacki's rooms come replete with a host of modern amenities, with internet access, as well as satellite television and DVD channels all complimentary. The restaurant downstairs, with its attractive beamed ceiling, looks out onto the colourful Royal Way. Here you can enjoy a range of classic Polish cuisine, as well as wines from Italy, France, Spain and the New World.

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